Frequently asked questions

Why Rent2Share Nigeria?

We are a technologically driven real estate company focused on providing verified, affordable and comfortable shared apartments for everyone in Nigeria. Your comfort is our priority.

How does Rent2share work?

You simply create an account on our portal, sign into your acct and view our featured apartments. Make a choice, book for an inspection, make payment, sign all necessary documents and move into your comfortable shared apartment.

How do I make payment?

Cheques, bank transfers and deposits to company account are acceptable .

Are there house rules?

Yes, there is to ensure peaceful, healthy and comfortable atmosphere for every flat-mate.

What happens if I want to move out before my rent expires as a result of circumstances beyond my control like work relocation?

Refund will be made as per agreed in contract document.

Will the apartments be strictly male or female flat-mates, determined by ethnic or religious basis?

Diversity is encouraged, so no. it might be mixed or just male or female as circumstances dictate.

Will there be restrictions placed on number of inhabitants per room?

Yes. This is to avoid overcrowding and undue pressure on the facilities.

Will utility bills be shared equally irrespective of what appliances one has?